This December, we're donating a portion of our online sales to our local community

For every Ombar you purchase in our online shop during the month of December, we'll give 25p to our local community.

Everyone knows Christmas is a time for giving. But while you're giving to your loved ones this year, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to also help us give back to our local community that has supported and sustained us since the beginning.

We're based in Cambridge, UK, a city famous for its university and scientists, its surrounding pastoral landscapes and the narrow, medieval streets of its historic town centre. But Cambridge is also home to a growing number of rough sleepers. In fact, numbers doubled last year in Cambridge, and increased across the whole of England.

Jimmy's Cambridge supports local homeless populationSo this year we're donating a portion of our December online sales (plus a healthy supply of chocolate, of course) to Jimmy's, a charitable organisation that has been providing help for the homeless in Cambridge for over 20 years. Jimmy's works with the local community, volunteers and partner agencies to deliver 24/7 emergency accommodation and supported housing for those who would otherwise be homeless or vulnerably housed.

In addition to a bedroom and meals, Jimmy's provides:

  • A resettlement and reconnection service to work with guests to find a more suitable place to live long-term.
  • Support and advocacy for when guests attend appointments.
  • A range of activities including sports, leisure and creative workshops plus signposting to other activities in the city.
  • Staff who specialise in dealing with alcohol and substance misuse, mental health issues, support for ex-service personnel and counselling.
  • Sessions to help guests build upon their basic skills such as budgeting, cooking, dealing with the authorities, IT, managing debt and living independently.
  • Signposting to external, specialist agencies and services in the area.
  • Access to the internet to help guests with resources, research and to keep in contact with friends and family.
  • The support of over 200 volunteers from the community who work to ensure guests get the most from their stay with Jimmy's.

Jimmy's Cambridge 24-hr assessment centre

So for every Ombar you purchase in our online shop during the month of December, we'll give 25p to Jimmy's to help support and empower the homeless population in our home city. And of course we'll be donating a healthy stock of chocolate! Shop now to help us give back while giving to your loved ones.